Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salmon and Reading!!!

On Thursday, we went to the Ballard Locks with a homeschooling group! The Ballard Locks is where they let the boats transfer from fresh water to salt water (and vice verse) and they have the Salmon Ladder there! The Salmon Ladder is where the salmon travel up the ladder (which begins in salt water) to get to fresh water, to get back where they were born and lay new eggs so that new salmon are born! The salmon were huge but they were also beautiful! It was fun to watch them jump out of the water! We had a great time and I would suggest it to anybody who has a free couple of hours laying around!

I read an Amazing book this week! Its called Hunger Games...It has a ton of action, mystery, adventure, and romance!!! My perfect kind of book! I also read the second book called Catching Fire which just came out last week and is also fantastic! AND, I read Eclipse for the fourth time! The funny thing is though, those books have only taken up 3 days of reading for me, and I wish they would have lasted a couple weeks! Oh Well! Apparently I read too quick and so its my fault!
Quote of the Day:

"He became my confidante, someone with whom I could share thoughts I could never voice...In exchange, he trusted me with his. —Katniss Everdeen "

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