Saturday, December 29, 2012


So, I have a confession. Which is actually not much of a confession because this should be a well known fact about me. I am slightly obsessive I get a tad bit excited when it comes to weddings. It's just one of those things that makes me incredibly happy! The pretty dresses, gorgeous bride, handsome groom, dancing, the engagement story, all of that lovey dovey stuff. Yeah, it's my thing.
Tonight I got to go to a wedding reception and it was of course lovely! The bride was stunning, and all of the engagement pictures made me want to cry they were so adorable. And for reals, I think I got told "You're next..." at least 67 times. And I kept responding with "I hope so!" which I don't think my mother appreciated. ;) In reality, I plan on finishing nursing school and maybe travel a bit before I get married. Maybe even a mission for my church for that traveling! That would be lovely. And then me and my tall, attractive husband travel a bit more, together this time. And then we have pretty babies, five of them, but far enough apart that I don't explode or something similarly drastic...I guess I don't really get that much control over my life, although I like to pretend I do. :)
Quote Of The Day
“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” 
Robert Fulghum, True Love

My future castle...


Friday, December 28, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas! Oh how I love you. The lights, the nativities, the decorations. The Christmas carols on the radio. The adventure of hunting down the perfect gifts. The staying up all night wrapping those perfect gifts. The Christmas story. The family time. The "Christmas Morning" butterflies. The taking hours slowly opening gifts. The staying in new pajamas all day. I love it all.  And this Christmas was especially lovely.
I couldn't sleep Christmas night, I was all wrapped up in bed wearing my beautiful, soft new pajamas but could not for the life of me sleep! The Christmas butterflies are on a roll man! But I stayed happy and awake all Christmas of course, with the adrenaline of it all. Here are a few of my favorite presents I received...
From my amazing parents, Taylor Swift Red Tour concert tickets. Oh my goodness it was a surprise! I sadly have to wait until August, but that gives me time to get all of my awesome dance moves down so it's all good.

From my lovely boy, a homemade "Happy Pillow", pictures of happy moments, favorite people, attractive actors, the temple, baby animals. Pretty much sums up the things that can instantly make me happy. There is even a Pooh Bear quote! "Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day." Goodness it made me so happy! I instantly proved that it was named properly. It was a perfect present. :)

And again from the best parents ever, I got my two nerdy presents! A "River Song" journal for an ode to one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who. And a "BAZINGA!" shirt as an ode to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, my most recent obsession. Wow they are best!!

I am so grateful for my family, friends, and leaders who are there for me always in my times of need. And I am eternally grateful to my Saviour, who sacrificed everything for me. As I celebrate this joyful Christmas season, I of course love the excitement and presents, but it will always really be the celebration of Christs birth. So Happy Birthday my kind older brother, thank you so much for looking out for me always, I look forward to the day where I get to hug you tight and thank you in person again.
Quote Of The Day
10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you agood tidings of great bjoy, which shall be to all people.
11 For unto you is aborn this day in the city of David a bSaviour, which is Christ the cLord.
12 And this shall be a asign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
14 aGlory to God in the highest, and on earth bpeace, good will toward men.
Luke 2:10-14

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Paige

Today was Paige's 15th birthday. The poor girl had to spend it in the hospital (See post below for why in the world she would have to do that.) The boy and I took her Panera for lunch. Barbecue chicken salad, Mac n' Cheese, and grape juice. She was laughing by the end of it, always a good sign. Then we dropped her back off at the hospital and zipped on over to Forever 21, because it's fun to make him go into girly stores because I needed to get a necklace to match the shirt I got her for her birthday present. We found the perfect one, and then proceeded to get hopelessly lost in the rain and bustle of mall traffic and took 30 minutes, instead of two and a half, to get to Lowe's. Why are we now at Lowe's? We actually had no idea why. But my mother did, who was at home, so she talked to the workers via my cell phone. 30 minutes and a lot of running around that giant store later, we checked out with six light bulbs. Meanwhile, my mom, Lilly, the Murray family, and Krissa are busy at work completely re-decorating Paige's room! Turns out the light bulbs were for the chandelier (yes you read that right, chandelier. My mom is awesome.) They transformed the room into a very pink masterpiece, with places for necklaces, curling irons, earrings, blow dryers, even a section of the wall dedicated to Blake Shelton! Paige loves it, and we ended the night with frozen pie which is always a plus.
Paige, you are the strongest girl I know. You are amazing and beautiful, all of the time. And even though I might not show it often enough, I am so incredibly grateful that I got you as a sister. I really am the luckiest duck.

Quote Of The Day
“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child.”
Barbara Alpert

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Fresh Start

So, my last post was officially over two years ago. Pretty darn pathetic. I have changed, a lot. And my life has changed, a lot. And there is no way I can fully update this blog of mine because that would take about a billion years, plus I would have to remember everything and that would make my head hurt. All I can say is that I've grown. I know what it feels like to be scared. I know what it feels like to lose someone. I know how to make hard decisions. But I also know what it feels like to be happy. I have an incredibly strong testimony of the gospel of my church. And I have formed a very tight bond with my family. The last two years have not been the best of my life, but I am forever grateful for the people, experiences, and emotions I have come across whether good or bad, because without them I would not be the person I am today. And you know, I am pretty awesome.
Here is what is going on in my life right this very moment! You might be lucky enough to get the full story's later, maybe.

I am going to my local community college doing my pre-requisites for nursing school! It is super exciting. I have found that I need to keep myself very motivated to succeed. And that having the flu during finals week is the worst thing, ever.

I am working as a waitress at a retirement home, Merrill Gardens. It is very stressful but I love it! The people are fantastic and I love getting to know them. I am horrible at names, so I know maybe 5 out of the 300 who live there. But I do know 60% of their drink orders! And I can carry my food tray on one arm now, so I must be gaining muscle. So I'm pretty proud of myself.

My 15 year old sister Paige is in a two week long Pain Rehabilitation program at the Seattle Children's Hospital. In the past year and a half every single thing physically that can possibly go wrong has gone wrong for her. It has been very hard on everyone in the family, but to be honest no one knows how Paige handles everything so well. She is a very happy girl! She loves pink, writing songs, and at the moment grape juice.

I have the best family. My dad wakes me up for seminary (6 AM class) and keeps my white work shirts clean (I make that extremely difficult, trust me.) My mom is one of my best friends and I tell her everything, and I mean everything. She probably wants to duct tape my mouth shut constantly. Paige is the strongest person I know and I love her to death. Lilly is a weirdo who makes all of us laugh, and she is really good at doing my hair. Sam loves to talk to us about nerdy things none of us understand of course. And Sarah is our little angel that is sometimes really hard to handle, but she is the most lovable little thing ever. And she sneaks into my bed to sleep a lot, which I secretly think is super cute.

I have two best friends, Elisabeth and Sean. Elisabeth is my age and we are basically twins. There is no other explanation for our identical brains. Seriously. We go to school together and freak everyone out together of course. She is my person. Like if I needed to murder someone in the middle of the night she would be the person I would call to help me drag the dead body into the lake, and she would do it too. And then the next day we would probably both tell our mom's because we tend to do that, but we would be in jail together so it would be okay. If you can't tell, we have previously discussed this because we are that cool.
And then there's Sean, he is a boy. And I kinda like him a lot. And he is kind, hilarious, quirky, and he kinda likes me too. It's a win-win kind of situation. My family has adopted him into the family over the last two years, and I think they might even like him more than I do. He is Sarah's "lovebug" and the only person who understands Sam. Lilly more than tolerates him, which is seriously saying something. And he is the only boy Paige will willingly hug, which is basically a miracle. Oh and my parents love him, they even trust him most of the time! He takes me on dates and rubs my feet when my mom gives him permission (kidding, kinda.) and brings me ice cream and chocolate when I have my daily mental breakdowns (again, kidding, kinda.) and I think he might even be used to how incredibly insane I am and how I cry all the time, maybe. So he's basically perfect, it's pretty awesome.

Sometimes I sit back and suddenly realize that life is happening, and it's going by way too fast. Those TV shows that I "used" to be obsessed with, yeah I am the age of those characters now. It's pretty scary. And I don't want to forget the little moments, or the big ones. So I'm going to motivate myself and start writing again, I love this little blog of mine and I want to be able to look back and remember these things whenever I want. So here we go, it's a fresh start!
Quote Of The Day

Today's quote is my motivation to keep writing on this blog. Because he's right, I have plenty of time.

"Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.