Monday, July 13, 2009

Celtic Music

Celtic Women is a girls Irish singing group that my friend Victoria told me I had to listen to...Well, I went and listened to it on You-Tube yesterday...And I loved it!!! They have such clear, beautiful voices! My 2 favorite songs by them is Over The Rainbow and You Raise Me Up
I love Over The Rainbow because the 4 girls sing it ocapella and they do it perfectly!

I also listened to Celtic Thunder, which is pretty much the same thing as Celtic Women, except its all boy singers...These guys are just as amazing!!! My favorite song by them is Ireland's Call... I love them because you can distinctly hear their Irish accents in their voices as they sing and they have a large variety of ages in their group!

My favorite singer in their group is Damien McGinty...He has an absurdly mature voice for a 14 year old! But it is amazing! My favorite song by him is Bird Without Wings which is a beautiful song that I could listen to over and over again! He sung that song when he was almost 15... If you want to see a more playful side of him, you can listen to Puppy Love or Young Love !
There are a ton more songs that are great by both of these singing groups! I would highly recommend that you listen to a few!
Thanks Victoria for introducing me to Celtic Music AND giving me the idea for this post!!!


  1. I love this group too! They are amazing and have such clarity to their voices. They are quite often on PBS specials on TV, that's where I first heard them. Truly talented!

  2. Hey Kylie!
    I LOVE your blog! and you're such a good blogger! Let's see if I can keep up with you.
    Love and Miss you and Can't Wait for your visit!
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