Monday, June 3, 2013

Dance like no one is watching...

Sean and I went to Mormon Prom together back in April, it was so much fun! Great friends, great food, and we looked darn good if I do say so myself. We had fun with it and went vintage, because that's just what fits our personalities. Here is a collection of photos from the night!

I don't think I will ever succesfully be able to do this.


Yep. Totally wore Keds with socks, I had no interest in my feet hurting on my night. I'm sure I will do the same thing on my wedding day. ;)

Dude, stop it with the faces!


The awesome group we went with.
Quote of the Day
"A five year old asked her big brother "What is love?" one day.
He replied: "Love is when you steal my chocolate from my school pack every day...and I still keep it in the same place."

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