Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here we go AGAIN.

Okay I'm gonna give you a little bit of background for this post...
3 years ago my parents went on Trek. Trek is a pioneer camp my church does. On the last day they were there my mom stepped in a gopher hole and broke her ankle. It completely snapped. I'm not going to give you details but she ended up having surgery on it about a year later, that whole year she was either off her foot or in a boot, it was super hard...well she had surgery and then was off her foot again for 6 weeks and was in the boot for several months. We were so excited the day she took off her boot! It was amazing!!! 3 days later she stepped on a sewing needle on the floor and it broke off in her other foot (not the foot with the surgery) The needle completely disappeared in her foot and she had to have major surgery to get it out it was so deep in her foot. Because of the surgery she was off her foot again for 6 weeks...To this day she has has had daily pain from both her feet because of these surgery's, just a few months ago she started physical therapy to try and get both of the healed and back to normal.

Well there is the background you needed. Now here's what happened yesterday...Yesterday my mom was walking outside and she somehow tripped and fell. It was terrible, she couldn't move and she just kept sobbing "No, not again. No, no, no. Not again." She knew something was seriously wrong with her ankle (the one that got the needle stuck). Luckily we had a friend over who's dad is a foot doctor so he called his dad and he came over and looked at it. He told my dad that she needed to go to the doctor and get it x-rayed, so they slowly got my mom out to the car and they got her to the doctors. The walk-in-clinic was of course as stupid as ever and did not do a good job but oh well. All we know right now is that her ankle has a 4th degree sprain, which is the worst you can get without it breaking. We are so grateful its not broken but its still terrible. Now I will tell you the super freaky part. As you know yesterday was July 10th 2010. It was July 10th 2007 that she broke her other ankle. Which means that she broke her ankle on the 3 year anniversary of breaking the other one...isn't that just plain freaky?!? Well theres the dramatics of my day for ya:(

Quote of the Day
This is my theme scripture from EFY and Youth Conference that I just got home from...this scripture is so perfect for what I'm going through I am amazed. I don't know how I would have handled this if I hadn't been focusing on this the past few weeks.
"Be strong and of a good courage. be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed. For the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." -Joshua 1:9


  1. Hello! My name is Maria. I just wanted to say, that your blog is cool. Actually I used Google to find some pictures about "Letters to Juliet" and then I found your blog. First thing, what fascinated me, was your writing style and those quotes. And this is the reason, why I following you now. I'm sorry, if I have some mistakes in this comment because i'm estonian and my english isn't so good if i wish. :)

    Take care! ;)

    And you can follow my blog too, but you can't read it, because i write always in estonian and you don't understand!

  2. Hi!
    I'm sophie and your blog is great! I loved, specially those quotes haha. Like maria (yes I read her commentary bit I don't know her), you will probably understand very little of my blog if you read it, beacause i come from latinamerica, and I speak spanish.
    Well...just wanted to tell you that your blog is great keep writing! =)


  3. Hey Kylie!
    I am so sad that your mom got a sprain! Send her our love and well wishes! (and as for the fact that it was on the three year anniversary of the FIRST broken ankle... CREEPY and sorta wierd. :) ok, you need to email me and dont leave me hanging in utah with none of my out-of-state friends! im lonesome!!! and you need to come visit me!!! ( and vice versa, im working on coming myself, but its a work in progress. you need to send me your email adress, i dont have it anymore! anyway sorry to keep bugging you about this, but i also have LOTS of news that i need to share.
    Love you lots, and miss you immensely...