Sunday, July 4, 2010


Okay, so before I start on my EFY stuff I'm gonna do my post on Eclipse:) Eclipse was amazing!!! Edward is finally the prince charming I always imagined him as! And Jacob is finally the guy I hated in the books! haha;) Bella even did awesome...They followed the plot pretty well and it had all the scenes that I was so excited for in it. I LOVED Jasper! He was just plain awesome...I even thought the new Victoria did great...the only negative thing I have about it was there was too much making out with way too many couples but I think everyone expected that. Besides that, I am amazed at how awesome it turned out and I am really hoping Breaking Dawn is just as good:)
Quote of the Day
"I kissed Bella. Then she broke her hand, punching my face... total misunderstanding."
-Eclipse, Jacob Black to Charlie Swan
hahaha! Oh my gosh I love this line! He said it sooooooo perfectly!

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