Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letters To Juliet

Me and my friend Brie went to see Letters To Juliet the other day...I went in expecting a super cheesy, annoying romance that I wouldn't like. But I actually loved it!!! I'm not saying it didn't have its cheesy moments, but it was just enough to make it funnier instead of annoying. The adventure the characters went on was realistic and connectible and I totally teared up like 5 times:) Plus the main characters are beautiful! haha;) I was really amazed at the actress who played Claire... She was gorgeous in her own way. No botox, hardly any makeup. And her character was very confident and funny. It made me happy to watch her.. Well I'm excited to see it again this weekend and I totally recommend it!

Quote of the Day!
This is basically the theme of the movie and Claire reads it in a letter towards the end...its one of
my favorite moments and it totally made me cry:)
"What, and if. Those two words standing alone are basically harmless, but link them together and those two words possess great power. What if?"
-Letters To Juliet


  1. I agree! That was my favorite part of the movie as well. What. If! What if...
    love you :)

  2. oh my!!i so love the movie!!!i felt in love with their tag lines too!!!

  3. i just finished the movie moments ago..
    i love the movie!! the lines in it..
    what if? what if? what if?... so powerful..

  4. its beautifull in its own way.... beautifully prsntd..
    smply love it.. dffrnt frm chzy rmntc movies