Monday, March 15, 2010

Im 14!!!

Yesterday was my 14th Birthday!!! I had a fantastic day! In the morning I came upstairs to a table full of presents, I got to open one which had an amazing shirt in it that I wore to church with the skirt that I had just finished making...After I unwrapped It my mom made me re wrap the box because she said the box balanced out the table perfectly;) When I got to church I had my Bishops interview...It was really fun. We talked about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Lord of the Rings most of the time:) My miamaids teacher brought in yummy cupcakes to class too:) After church I came home and I was surprised with 2 of my favorite families their for dinner, we had a mini thanksgiving meal and when we were about to start opening presents someone started feeling sick and actually ended up throwing up. So their family left pretty quickly...Present time! I got a bottle of vanilla scented lotion and bubble bath from Mindy B. A twix bar and an awesome necklace from Jesse he actually made the beads somehow from clay and baked them! A puzzle book, bubble wand, and twix bars from Paige. Some coupons from Lilly for a free spa day. Some super cool knee length socks from Sam and Sarah. A coupon from Mindee and Eddie promising that they will buy me the New Moon Collectors Edition when it comes out on DVD next week! And I got an SD card for my phone and an amazing turquoise purse from my parents! Right when I finished opening presents my best bud Victoria dropped by to give me a really cute cake and a bag full of candy;) Toria, her bro, and her mom stayed for cake! My cake was fantastic! My mom and Mindee V. made was an ice cream cake with Oreo ice cream and chocolate/vanilla swirl cake with snicker bars on top! It was yummiful:) Well there is my day! I will post pictures later!

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday my little one :) It was a wonderful day with a wonderful daughter. I love you.