Saturday, October 10, 2009


My whole entire Young Womens (9 girls and 5 leaders came) stayed at a cabin in Leavenworth last night! It was one of our leaders family cabin, it used to be a church so it is huge!

When we first got there, me and the other 2 Beehives made Tacos and Pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies for dinner!

Then, we all got bundled up and walked around the town...we went inside the Nutcracker Shop, the Hat shop, the Christmas Shop, and the Candy Shop!
When we got back to the cabin, we all got in our pajamas and did a spa! We did chocolate facials, and foot baths! it felt soooooo good...

Then, we watched The Legend of Johnny Lingo (I love that movie!) and Sabrina gave us all amazing pedicures! When we finally went to bed (around midnight) Me, Sabrina, and Victoria stayed up till 4:30 in the morning talking! We only got 3 hours of sleep!

In the morning, we ate a yummy pancake and sausage breakfast and bundled up again to go on a nature hike at Blackbird Island...the scenery was gorgeous!!! We even saw huge fish in the river! They were so big, they were the size of small sharks!
The trip was great and I hope that the Young Women get to go together again!!!

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