Monday, November 30, 2009

Missions and Study Abroad

I dont know how my mom did it, but she managed to cram A LOT of stuff into her life experiences before she got married! To name a few: Nanny in New York for a year, Study Abroad to Israel, and a Mission for our church to Winnepeg Canada for almost 2 years! And thats just a few! Well, she has a box that she had my dad go find the other day that has everything from when she was in Israel and on her mission! It has scrapbooks, notes, pictures, letters, cards, trinkets, journals, certificates, manuals, maps, and a lot of memories! So, me being the curious person I am and wanting to hear stories:) I dumped out the box and organized everything into piles! Along the way, I asked tons of questions! "Who is that? Where are you? What?" And every time, my mom would answer my question and tell me a story to go along with the person, place, or thing I was curious about! It made me so happy!!! I now have organized the whole box, and half of the letters! The letters are SOOOOO much fun to read! Some of them I cant read (because I cant read their handwriting) but the ones I can are hilarious!:) I probably know more about these complete strangers than there own children do!:)
Okay, thats it for now!

Quote of the Day

"You don't know me; you never knew my heart. No man knows my history. I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don't blame any one for not believing my history. If I had not experienced what I have, I would not have believed it myself. I never did harm any man since I was born in the world. My voice is always for peace."
— Joseph Smith Jr.

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  1. Thanks sweet love! It's been really fun for me as well re-living so many great memories. Plus, I love to tell you stories:) Love you,